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On this page, we have listed some of the most important and heartbreaking statistics about climate change and plastic pollution.

Plastic Pollution Statistics

51 Trillion

Pieces of microplastic litter the ocean.

1.2 Million

Pieces of plastic are used worldwide per minute.

1.6 Million

Square kilometers is the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

1 Million

People die every year because of mismanaged plastic.


Is the share of plastic products on greenhouse emissions.


Of plastic is produced for single-use.


Of all the produced plastic is recycled.


Of beach litter worldwide is plastic.

Climate Change Statistics


Has been the hottest decade ever recorded.

5 Million

People die every year because of any cause related to climate change.

10 Times

The rate of the current warming compared to the average rate of warming.


Increase in the global temperature will kill 90% of coral reefs and add 1 meter to sea-level.


Increase in CO2 emission in 2022 compared to 2019.


Chance that during the next 5 years, global temperature will increase by 1.5°C.


Of global wheat and rice yields are expected to die out for every 1°C increase.


Of the world population has experienced weather events worsened by the climate change.

Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen

These problems should not remain unanswered or unchallenged. As humanity, we do not only have a chance to stop this madness, but a duty to respond. Every animal on the planet collects its garbage because of its nature, we should care out the same responsibility as humanity.

By starting this project and campaign, we had the solemn goal of achieving such an answer. Throughout the campaign, we have reached out to many people from different demographics. From our teachers to industry owners in our home city—from family to students in different cities. What Hemi Change urges is nothing but change, because in the end 'The Change for the Future!'

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